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The Flea Circus

Although it has remained a dark family secret for years the truth is now out. MAGIC KEV HAS FLEAS! Oh yes. Magic Kev has been secretly training a small band of human fleas imported from a hidden gulag in darkest Siberia.

After the initial language problems that slowed down training at the start Magic Kev is now able to show to the public for the first time one of the only real flea circuses left in the UK. Watch Bruce Flea as he kicks a ball into a goal or jump from a high dive into a tank of water. Be amazed as Madam Flea Flea performs the stunning high wire of Doom or Hercufleas gets shot from a cannon. Not least forgetting watching a flea perform the incredible barrel roll or chariot pull.

This show will totally amaze audiences and children will remember it forever.

This show is ideal for many different occasions or indeed a number of shows over a day at your event.

No dogs allowed.

Phone: 01743 241 071 mobile: 07968 818 591 email: info@magic-kev.co.uk
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