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"You really have a way with kids"

--Ciaron's Gran



Magic Kev's Magic Shows for birthdays are typically aimed at the 4,5,6,7 year olds. For older children Magic Kev is available for a one off magic lesson as a gift for your child. For groups of younger children, say a group of mostly 3 and 4 years olds (like preschool, nurseries and kindergardens), Magic Kev will alter the show slightly to include more games and music with a little less "complicated" magic. ANY QUESTIONS JUST PHONE 01743 241071.

Magic Kev's Magic Shows are normally an hour long with the show going something like this;

  • 10 mins, Introduction and musical game.
  • 10 mins, Some Amazing Magic.
  • 10 mins, The Famous and Wonderful Smelly Sock Race.
  • 15 mins, More Amazing Magic.
  • 15 mins, Balloon modelling.

The above is by no means written in stone and can be altered to suit YOUR needs. All you have to do is ask.

Magic Kev is available for longer shows, events, festivals, walk-around Magic at Weddings, fetes and village shows. Just phone to find out more.

For pre-school clubs, nurseries and schools we can discuss what you would like for your organisation and we can arrange something to suit your needs. For example Magic Kev is often employed to do magic and balloon modelling walk-around at fetes, weddings, shopping centers and village shows.

The Cost

Lets not beat around the bush, a one hour Birthday/Magic Show within ten miles of Shrewsbury is £120.00. (They do sometimes run over a little but the price stays the same). If it is further away there is a fee for travel. The price includes cost of balloons.

I do have separate rates for work of more than one hour and again for schools and nurseries. Please phone for any details.

Travelling is not a problem for Magic Kev. I have travelled all over the West Midlands and Britian performing Magic and Birthday shows. Just phone for more details.

Phone: 01743 241 071 mobile: 07968 818 591 email: info@magic-kev.co.uk
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